What does it get you?

With my way of working, customer-oriented and tailor-made, I can add value to my clients. The examples below show how:

  • A social and mental care provider has analysed important external developments and translated them into (new) tasks and behaviour.
  • A furniture store MT has developed from a group of individuals to a strong team.
  • A healthcare provider has adapted its organisational culture by not only involving its top executives but also its people on the ground
  • In a senior vocational school all teams have designed a team plan to become a self-steering team.
  • In a healthcare organisation the MT has designed a new business strategy in combination with team development.
  • Managers of a Dutch town have become better professionals by participating in a management development programme.
  • Within the context of organisational development the MT of a care and welfare organisation has taken team coaching and its individual members role coaching.
  • In an organisation for elderly care research results have resulted in better agreements with its residents.
  • In a training course operational managers of an educational institute have learned to become a process leader.
  • In his coaching an industrial manager has learned to deal with conflicting interests and expectations in a better way.


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