Tailor-made solutions

Process consulting creates a customised approach. The experience shows that my ‘offer' is often made up of a combination of the following services:

  • Team development
  • Leadership and management development
  • Role coaching
  • Peer coaching
  • Large scale Interventions (LGI)

Team development

Naturally, teams develop cyclically, which entails that a team can move forward a phase, but can also fall back into an earlier phase. Given the importance of teamwork, the development of a team cannot be left to chance.

Due to the fact that teams also get influenced in their development by unconscious group processes, in my support to team development I pay great attention to dialogue and reflection on behaviour and experiences. By doing so, a team becomes aware of its own development and opportunities for further development. Accordingly, team development will not only concern the quality of the relationships in the team, but also the way it is organised (i.e. structure, responsibilities, tasks and roles).

My team development can be done in separate meetings or on-the-job, both in combination with other team activities.  

Leadership and management development

Effective leadership is about passion, vision and inspiration, but also about taking care of stability, management and control. Because followership is connected to leadership, offering security and safety is an important leadership skill to take into account.

My support in leadership and management development can be offered in multiple ways: management development programmes, on-the-job coaching, individual and team coaching. However, a combination of these methods is also possible.

Role coaching

In individual coaching I focus on my coachee’s work role(s). The question next is how, within the context, his personality, skills, competences and ambitions relate to the requirements from the organisation and how to act in case of different views.

In my coaching I encourage reflection, because it allows coachees to learn from their experiences. These experiences concern the ‘there and then’ of the daily work, but also the ‘here-and-now’ of the coaching.

Large-scale interventions

Organisational changes root better if they are implemented in dialogue with the people who are affected by these changes. To make a dialogue possible with large(r) groups, a number of interventions have been designed, which are called large-scale interventions (LGI). LGI are ideally suited to create a fast, efficient change of consciousness in an organisation. Widely known LGI that I have a lot of experience with are Open Space, World Café and Search Conferences.  

Peer coaching

Peer coaching offers participants the opportunity to learn with and from colleagues. This is done by a number of sessions in which individuals reflect together upon their colleagues’ actions and thinking. Over the years I have developed my own style of supporting peer coaching. A method of my own, which is based on experiential learning, is called Experience Based Reflection (EBR).