Way of working

My way of working is practical and customer-oriented. In my support, I combine personal commitment and professional distance. My three inspirational sources are: experiential learning, psychodynamics and systems thinking.

  • Experiential learning: Learning requires reflection on what we do and how we act and is enhanced when we share and compare our experiences.

  • Psychodynamics: In groups and organisations people are not only influenced by conscious, rational processes, but also by unconscious, irrational ones. Also, individual emotions can be seen as a resonance of the environment in which they appear.

  • Systems Thinking: Every social system consists of parts that constantly influence each other and are influenced by a larger context. Organisational issues should therefore also be considered in their context.

I consider myself a process consultant, who helps his client to explore a problem, while simultaneously aiming at reaching an approach that is supported within the organisation. In doing so I act as a partner to my client, a partner who listens carefully and also asks questions that are less obvious. In all of this I provide structure and safety. For my clients, be it an individual, a team or an organisation, I am able to serve as a process consultant, but also as a coach, a trainer and a content expert. Clients see me as reliable, driven and committed and call me a good listener, coach and facilitator. It is appreciated that I think along with them and propose solutions that fit the circumstances.