mart colorAfter completing my sociology degree in 1979 I filled the position of teacher, project leader and learning developer in education and in healthcare. Since 1993 I have worked as an organisational consultant, first in paid employment and then as a self-employed consultant. I worked as co-founder/consulting partner of VECU Organisational Support from 1998 until 2014, when I decided to take a next step and start my own business.
My participation in the IOD Professional Development Programme and a number of group relations conferenties have helped me to become the experienced facilitator of groups I am today.  

Collaborating with colleagues is an essential aspect of my work and I therefore invest extensively in my professional network. Consequently, I have a broad network of colleagues, which I can call upon at any time. With some of them I maintain a long-term partnership. I am a member of OPUS (an organisation for promoting understanding of society) and co-founder of Worknet International, a professional network in the field of experiential learning. Furthermore, as a senior expert I am connected to PUM-Netherlands senior experts in The Hague.